The best place to Watch the Sunset on the Great Ocean Road

We’ve found the best location to watch the sunset on the Great Ocean Road, on tour at the 12 Apostles Lookout.

There’s something magical about visiting the 12 Apostles after the afternoon crowds have departed. As the sun starts to dip towards the horizon, we head on out to the clifftop boardwalks. Then the first view you get is of the majestic limestone stacks stretched out along the coast.

The Apostles have formed over many years due to erosion in the cliffs. The wind, waves and rain have caused the erosion. And it still continues today!

Standing up on the cliff top you can see the waves rolling in and crashing into the rocks. You’ll probably also be exposed to the elements when out on the lookout. So remember to bring warm clothes (and a rain jacket if wet weather is forecast).

In summer time the sun sets further out to sea, throwing light onto the Apostles and the cliffs, exposing the layers of colour within the rock.

You can follow the boardwalks around the cliffs and right out onto the headland. This will give you 360 degree views of the coastline, ocean and sun setting.

Join in our Sunset Tour of the Great Ocean Road to experience this magical moment for yourself.