The Place Where All Nature Comes Together: The Nobbies

The Place Where All Nature Comes Together: The Nobbies

Victoria is home to a wide variety of beautiful nature. From rainforests to mountains, and from whales to kangaroos, all can be found in the Southern state. Even among all of these marvels, the Nobbies stand out as a truly unique piece of nature. Its combination of wildlife and scenery is something that will certainly stick with you for a long time.

The Area

The area surrounding the Nobbies Centre is uniquely breath taking, both in good and bad weather. The rugged coast looks magnificent in the shining sunlight, the calm sea glittering all around, but can also be a scene right out of the climax of a dramatic story, wild waves crashing upon the rocks under the grey skies. This makes for a great background for one of the highlights on our Phillip Island Tour.

If you’d like to make your experience even more spectacular, try to find the hidden blowhole. The salt water spout is somewhat hard to find, but if you keep your eyes peeled you may just see sudden bursts of water being launched into the air. This particular marvel can make for one of the most epic photoshoots you can find in Victoria.

To enhance the experience of Point Grant, explore the boardwalks along the coastline. They will carry you across the rugged coast, over the smooth plains and past the intricate rock formations. The view of Western Port Bay the boardwalk will give you is stunning, and the lucky winter traveller may even spot the occasional whale passing by the small island.

The Animals

Being out in the ocean, Phillip Island is home to a special group of wildlife. Just past Point Grant you will find a stretch of grey rocks with some ocean water puddles and rocky rises. This area is known as Seal Rocks, a place where seals come ashore to rest and bathe in the sun. The barks of the countless seals surrounded by crashing waves creates a one-of-a-kind experience.

What attracts the seals to the island is something that also attracts a lot of people: the local penguins. On the Southern shores of the island, hundreds upon hundreds of little penguins have made their nests. Every day they go out into the ocean and stock up on fish to feed their young. When they return to the island in the evening, it creates a true spectacle of nature: the Penguin Parade. The hundreds of little penguins waddling back to their nests en masse is an unforgettable sight and is the main feature of our Phillip Island Tour.